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Lost Mines of Phandelver Episode 2


The heroes traveled deeper into the cave in search of Gundreen Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter. After a “watery” encounter with some goblins they eventually found Sildar Hallwinter however… They had wasted so much time the Goblins had already taken pieces of him to eat and he was amess. Sildar had lost his tongue, feet and some of his fingers.


After a discussion with the purple goblin leader Keemik it was revealed to them that Gundreen Rockseeker had been taken off somewhere else and that it had something to do with a man referred to as “Glass Staff”. The goblin Keemik only knew that Glass Staff lived in Phandalin and he had been helping the local gang there that was terrorizing it. Sildar Hallwinter had begged the group to kill Keemik in revenge for mauling his body but they decided against it and felt Keemik could change his ways. Sildar Hallwinter was more-or-less dragged away from the cave and brought to Phandalin to be healed by the local priests.

The Goblin henceforth spreaded the name of

The Acorn Planters

Here they encountered the gang the Redbrands who had nothing but the ill intention and desire to mug them. Unfortunately for them the leader of the mugging group was charmed and convinced that it was Sildar’s Birthday and they couldn’t have the heart to mug the group. The Redbrand muggers had no choice but to agree with their leader and left.

The group drop off Sildar Hallwinter with Barthen who promises to get Sildar to the right people to heal him. Sildar says he will talk to the heroes again shortly about their next course of action.The heroes all begin to praise and sing songs of their victory at the local tavern spreading the word of how awesome they were in defeating the goblins and conquering the ferocious Bugbear!


Morning rises and the group meets up in the square outside the inn where they encounter Sildar Hallwinter. He had been healed just enough to recover his tongue and some wounds but he would most likely never be complete again. Sildar though has nothing but pure hatred for the gnome Etrix for allowing the goblins to live after what they had done to him. He discusses with the group that the Redbrand gang have been nothing but nuisiance and have been increasingly causing problems for the locals. He implores them to route them out and points to Tresendar Manor.


He believes thats where the Redbrand gang has been hiding out and will reward the heroes handsomely if they take care of it. The heroes set off to the Manor and begin to take care of “Business…” The group head off to the manor and find a cellar door which leads deeper inside. Here they encounter a few of the Redbrands sleeping it off. They took it amongst themselves to “interrogate” them thoroughly and revealed useful information to the whereabouts of Glass Staff.

Part 2.


Not long after they ran into Shakh Kahn within the Hideout who was merely searching for battle and combat. The group gladly welcomed their new frontline man.

They proceeded to make quick work of the sorrounding threats and even managed to find the blacksmiths wife and family and rescue them from harm. Howver the husband was found dead not far off. Not an issue for Elerin Tericktith Though…

Further exploration of the hideout had them come across a beast called a Nothic named Appen, an insane twisted Subterranean monster who was lead to the hideout by the scant scent of magic. The creature was quickly incapicitated and “persuaded” to help them find Glass staff in exchange for rotting flesh. However the resounding Thunderwaves from Vai had alerted the entire residence to their presence.

All of the hideouts occupants came charging out in full muster and attacking the group head on. Relentlessly they attacked and almost killed a few of the members. While the heated battles were going on however it appeared Glass Staff was trying to make his escape in the chaos unfortunately for Shakh Kahn had spotted him and bounded after him like a mad-dog. He quickly caught up to Glass Staff and put an end to him. None of Glass Staff’s tricks of invisibility and teleportation could put hold back Shakh Khan Rage.

After the fighting was over the loot was evenly distributed as well as the magical items. They decided to use the wealth they had gathered to refurbish the manor they were in and claim it as their own with titles. The Trensandor Manor was now The Acorn Planters and the deeds to it aswell. They even managed to rope the blacksmiths wife into being a maid within the Manor!



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