Adventure League Rules

This is were the rules for our adventurers league will sit.

First generally read up on the Adventurers League Players handbook.

We will be following all these rules + a few additional rules.

Homebrew Rules and Adventure League Rules
First let me point out that at any point you decide you want to use any of the homebrew rules here etc your Adventurers League character becomes unacceptable to play at an official Adventurers League table. This is in accordance of what they are running, HOWEVER this does not mean you suddenly cannot play with any of the DMs here. Generally I will not restrict anyone from being able to play with us. I will allow homerule characters run alongside League offical characters in play.

Custom Backgrounds
There will be times players will want custom backgrounds etc. I personally believe this is allowed as long as it fits within the current limitations. There is no DM guide out yet to clarify how to do this. So if someone wanted to have their background as farmer per say. Its okay by me as long as the feature/skills/gear match tic for tac of another background which is similar.

So far there is nothing else I see that should be customised in the ruleset. Other then monsters etc.

Home-Made Adventures!
This is the part I would love to see shine! Custom adventures designed by DMs or inspired by players which people can run! They can share their exploits with everyone else! Post the location of this adventure on the map! Maybe even another group goes to check it out as someone else has moved in to that spot!

Currently for ease of use for DMs I think its best to stick to the Sword Coast. There is alot of Lore in Faerun that has been written before-hand however I declare that this is a homebrew world which runs alongside the offical Sword-Coast material so Offical Adventure League modules can still be run. At most I expect a DM to know the information from the link below.

Lore of Faerun

Adventure League Rules

The Adventurers League Club liquidsonic