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Lost Mines of Phandelver Episode 3: The Crit machines

Lost Mines
The group spend 3 days resting up and mingling with the town and deciding what they do next. Vai marches off to the forests and attempts to train his wolves in the mean time. However on the 3rd night in the middle of a rain storm the group are awoken by desperate cries and knocking on the door. They are informed by the towns farmers that there is a monstrous beast attacking the center of town.

They rush out to the square see a werewolf! During the course of the fight they realise that it was Vai himself who had become cursed unfortunately. Soon after realising this they did their best to bring him down without any serious injuries but unfortunately they could not that. Vai became permanantly blind and was forced to adapt to it.
They had no real clue where cragmaw castle was and proceeded to head out to ThunderTree in hopes of finding some evidence along the way. Conviniently they ran into a bunch of orc bounty hunters in which Jasper Chro expertly “removed” them from existence. They noticed they had scrawled pictures of them and feeling insulted by this attempt on their lifes (With only a bounty of 500g) they proceed to look for the orcs main camps and make short work of them.
They sneak up to the camp and proceed on their attack but didn’t expect them to be bringing two ogres. They run and decide to regroup and comeup with a new plan, they ambush the ogre and the remaining orcs successfully and gain the loot gathered by them. They also find a scrawled note marking out the location of Cragmaw Castle. They still decide however on searching ThunderTree for any possible treasures which might aid them in their journeys.

They continue on forward through Thundertree where they are assaulted by a varying twigblights, strange stick like, tiny tree men. They dispatched them with ease. Continuing on their search into Thundertree they came across a man named Reidoth, a Human Druid who was a member of the Emerald Enclave. After some banter between the group and him they quickly decided they would help him take care of the Green Dragon up upon the hills.

They marched upon Thundertrees fabled tower and fought with the Green Dragon who proved to be difficult to contend with. The group just barely managed to survive the green dragons onslaught by a narrow margin. He brought those he attacked onto the brink of death but they survived.

After successfully slaying the Green Dragon the group decided to rest up in Thundertree in a tight hole to survive the night and restore themselves.

The songs of the dragon encounter are heard over taverns all around Phandalin!

The Song of Thundertree!

HOTDQ Episode 3: The Failed First Raid X the Successful second Raid!

The heroes implored by Leosan and Nighthill, charge off back to the camp to foil the cultistes plans. Leosan’s apprentice Waladra travells with them in aid of infilitrating the cultists hideout. In the mean time he plans to head out to neverwinter to inform his Paladin buddy of whats going on with the cultists.

They arrived at the raiders camp and found they had quickly packed up and left with no idea where. Moving on they storm into the raiders cave where they hack and slash their way through unfortunately they soon become over-whelmed by the sheer numbers of the cultists within. They run into some one of higher rank as well as Langdedrosa and they cannot take them all on. Soon they were spent and running for their lifes, Waladra however fell before them and she was left behind unknown of her condition. They make camp in the mushroom forests nearby hoping to come up with a new plan..

They rest up their aching wounds and discuss their course of action in the night, however they are hit by a surprise attack by some Candlekeep monks where they proceed to convince them they are allies not friends. (They were still in cultist uniform). They also receive a message that Waladra is still alive in the cave and Langdedrosa demands the groups surrender.

Instead of surrendering they decided to form a deceptive plan disguising the monks as them and ambushing Langdedrosa when the enemy tries to take them in. They managed to sneak their way in and enact the plan but unfortunately Langdedrosa was expecting this and set up a counter trap himself. He brought two black wyrmlings in tow who In the ensueing battle a party member had fallen, Kyx Moonstride. Kyx Moonstride was burnt to a crisp by a lightning bolt…

Eventually the party was able to overcome Langdedrosa and temporarily befriend the wyrmlings to aid them. The party proceeded into the back of the cave and free Waladra from her confines where they were shortly attacked by a Tree Monster called a Roper. It attempted to eat Shakh Kahn and devour him but luckily Shakh Kahn had his trusty magic item “hew” which allowed him to instantly cut through the ropers tentacles as if they were butter…

After a narrowing escape from the bellies of the Roper beast the party managed to collect whatever left over treasures their were and found evidence that alot of the treasure seems to have been shipped out. The only remnants of where one of the shippings cargo was one heading through too Baldurs Gate. They had easily 3-4 days steed ahead of them and would not be able to catch up to them. So the group heads back to Greenest where they celebrate and honor their fallen Companion Kyx…

This day was forever known as Moonstrider Day!!

Raiders Camp

After surviving the nights raid the heroes managed to regroup and rest successfully the following morning. They met up with Governor Nighthill to discuss what they could do to further help. A new aid had been hired by Nighthill, Nevin Broaderbrook who would help with their next move. Nighthill implored the heroes and approached them with proposal: If they locate the raiders’ camp and find out certain information, he offers to pay them 250gp apiece.

However their conversation was shortly interrupted by a limping monk by the name of Nesim Waladra, who begged the heroes that if they were going to take Nighthills task, they will search for their master Leosin Erlanthar who has been studying the cultists/raiders for a while and may hold vital information.

The heroes agree upon this task and set out after gathering their supplies to find as much information as they could about the Cultists…

It was not difficult for the Ranger Kyx Moonstride to scout ahead and follow the tracks of the retreating cultists south of Greenest. Not too long after setting out upon the path they came across stragglers of the retreating band. Cultists and Kobolds had set up camp and were arguing amongst themselves. The heroes snuck up and made quick work of these lot and… “interrogated them thoroughly”. While only resting for a short moment they continued on down the path…

Unfortunately for the ranger he had not been paying attention as much as he should of been and was ambushed himself while scouting ahead. He was riddled with arrows and sword cuts as he came up over the ridge. On the brink of death he managed to scream out for aid. Luckily their new companion Nevin Broaderbrook was able to just barely spot him falling down to his near death, the party rushed off to his aid and after a wrangling battle with the Readguard, managed to save Kyx and survive. They took the remaining garments from the dead cultists and hatched a plan to where the Cultists black Leather Garments and infilitrate the Raiders camp stealthy.

Finally they arrived at the Raiders Camp roughly 12 miles south of Greenest, the cultists had taken camp in the hollow of a rocky plateau that’s shaped roughly like a horseshoe. The lower portion of the plateau rises gently from sorrounding lands but quickly steepens and ascends to a height of 150 feet above the landscape. Making it a perfect place to hide unless you come upon it directly.

The group managed to more-or-less pass through the camp unnoticed, taking in the whispers here and there from overheard conversations. Unfortunately just standing dumb-foundly staring around got the attention of a higher ranked soldier. They were ordered too perform mundane tasks such as Kitchen duty where Salty Godwind developed his new recipe dutifully named “Salties Meaty Balls”.

During their stay though they happened upon the Half-elf man Leosin Erlanthar who was unfortunately tied to a stake being put out to be tortured.
They managed to wrangle up a plan quickly though to save the monk in the night, which quickly also resulted in kidnapping him from his bonds and throwing him in a sack dragging him back to Greenest.

When they finally returned and the group had a moment to breath the monk had told them vital information about what the Cultists were up too.

  • The Cultists are called the Cult of the Dragons, their goal is to raise Tiamat the Dragon from her hellish prison and bring the reckoning to the world.
  • They have been recruiting people far and wide and raiding other places for treasure and loot.
  • The cave in the far back is apparently the nursery to hatch a clutch of dragon eggs, and may also be an attempt to raise Tiamat here.
  • The treasures that have all been raided are a key component in the spell to raise Tiamat and most of it was stored in the Cave.


Lost Mines of Phandelver Episode 2


The heroes traveled deeper into the cave in search of Gundreen Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter. After a “watery” encounter with some goblins they eventually found Sildar Hallwinter however… They had wasted so much time the Goblins had already taken pieces of him to eat and he was amess. Sildar had lost his tongue, feet and some of his fingers.


After a discussion with the purple goblin leader Keemik it was revealed to them that Gundreen Rockseeker had been taken off somewhere else and that it had something to do with a man referred to as “Glass Staff”. The goblin Keemik only knew that Glass Staff lived in Phandalin and he had been helping the local gang there that was terrorizing it. Sildar Hallwinter had begged the group to kill Keemik in revenge for mauling his body but they decided against it and felt Keemik could change his ways. Sildar Hallwinter was more-or-less dragged away from the cave and brought to Phandalin to be healed by the local priests.

The Goblin henceforth spreaded the name of

The Acorn Planters

Here they encountered the gang the Redbrands who had nothing but the ill intention and desire to mug them. Unfortunately for them the leader of the mugging group was charmed and convinced that it was Sildar’s Birthday and they couldn’t have the heart to mug the group. The Redbrand muggers had no choice but to agree with their leader and left.

The group drop off Sildar Hallwinter with Barthen who promises to get Sildar to the right people to heal him. Sildar says he will talk to the heroes again shortly about their next course of action.The heroes all begin to praise and sing songs of their victory at the local tavern spreading the word of how awesome they were in defeating the goblins and conquering the ferocious Bugbear!


Morning rises and the group meets up in the square outside the inn where they encounter Sildar Hallwinter. He had been healed just enough to recover his tongue and some wounds but he would most likely never be complete again. Sildar though has nothing but pure hatred for the gnome Etrix for allowing the goblins to live after what they had done to him. He discusses with the group that the Redbrand gang have been nothing but nuisiance and have been increasingly causing problems for the locals. He implores them to route them out and points to Tresendar Manor.


He believes thats where the Redbrand gang has been hiding out and will reward the heroes handsomely if they take care of it. The heroes set off to the Manor and begin to take care of “Business…” The group head off to the manor and find a cellar door which leads deeper inside. Here they encounter a few of the Redbrands sleeping it off. They took it amongst themselves to “interrogate” them thoroughly and revealed useful information to the whereabouts of Glass Staff.

Part 2.


Not long after they ran into Shakh Kahn within the Hideout who was merely searching for battle and combat. The group gladly welcomed their new frontline man.

They proceeded to make quick work of the sorrounding threats and even managed to find the blacksmiths wife and family and rescue them from harm. Howver the husband was found dead not far off. Not an issue for Elerin Tericktith Though…

Further exploration of the hideout had them come across a beast called a Nothic named Appen, an insane twisted Subterranean monster who was lead to the hideout by the scant scent of magic. The creature was quickly incapicitated and “persuaded” to help them find Glass staff in exchange for rotting flesh. However the resounding Thunderwaves from Vai had alerted the entire residence to their presence.

All of the hideouts occupants came charging out in full muster and attacking the group head on. Relentlessly they attacked and almost killed a few of the members. While the heated battles were going on however it appeared Glass Staff was trying to make his escape in the chaos unfortunately for Shakh Kahn had spotted him and bounded after him like a mad-dog. He quickly caught up to Glass Staff and put an end to him. None of Glass Staff’s tricks of invisibility and teleportation could put hold back Shakh Khan Rage.

After the fighting was over the loot was evenly distributed as well as the magical items. They decided to use the wealth they had gathered to refurbish the manor they were in and claim it as their own with titles. The Trensandor Manor was now The Acorn Planters and the deeds to it aswell. They even managed to rope the blacksmiths wife into being a maid within the Manor!

The Defense of Greenest
The Defense of Greenest

The town of Greenest was under attack from a dragon and a strange cult who attacked it. Heroes charged to its defense in urgency to save anyone. Fighting their way through the towns streets saving anyone they found, they made their way to the keep where they recuperated and listened to Governor Nighthill give a speech and attempt to calm the crowd. Some of the heroes went to defend the Sally Port to defend while others rested.

Dragon Attacks!


An Adult Blue Dragon strikes out at the keep firing its lightning breath to whittle any defenses the keep of had. However the heroes managed to beat back the Dragon! It left without causing too much damage to the keep.

Game #1: Untitle22d.png
While the Blue Dragon attacked the Sally Ports of the keep a band of heroes on the west side defend it valiantly! The Half-Orc Shakh Khan in his rage and Bravery leaps onto the back of the Blue Dragon and tangled with it Mono E Mono. They struggled against each other exchanging blow for blow. The Dragon growing further irritated by the effort it was taking to assault the keep flys off. Shakh Khan leaps off the dragon in victory over its departure! Greenest Keep roars in cheers! He is thanked profusely by Nighthill.

The heroes were met with two choices. Save the towns food supplies or save the people at the temple of Chauntea. They decided the best course of Action was to save the Mill supplies as fast as possible! They rush on down but unfortunately end up in a trap left for them by the cultist! They are attacked surprised and almost die but the Dragonborn Fighter breathes fire into the fray without concern for his comrades. Nothing left but charred remains. Releising that this was nothing more then a cruel distraction the group rushes off towards the temple!

Grigor the Paladin comes up with an ingenious scheme to distract the onslaught upon the temples whittling defenses by doning his disguise as an initiate. With cunning lies and deception he manages to convince a higher up of the raiders/cults order to send a large number of his forces away. They were lead into a trap set up by the heroes and ended up slaughtering the higher ups company.

Unfortunately once they return to deal with the leftover force they are encountered by Langdedrosa, a 7 ft tall blue half-dragon. He demands combat with their strongest hero and will spare the lifes of the townsfolk if they meet him. Shakh Kahn the hero of Greenest steps fourth after a long rest. He rushes into combat in earnest.

A dazzling display of combat erupts between the two, these monsters fighting it out end up trading blow for blow. When Langdedrosa was beginning to lose however he erupted a lightning breath upon Shakh Kahn and whittled his health down to nothing. Langdedrosa was surprised that Shakh Kahn emerged from the smoke still standing! He respected the warrior and decided to let him live for his prowess. He wished to face him in combat further and simply rendered Shakh Kahn unconscious.

They were implored by Nighthill for further help in pursuing these raiders and finding out about them..

Game #2: Untitled.png
Another rowdy bunch of adventures are asked to travel towards the temple to help protect its healers and priests. Without them even if the town survived the attack. It would be difficult to save any of the wounded. Another bunch of adventurers rush out to the temples defense. Here heroes valiantly defend the temples rear guard protecting against any troops. They wade through the Kobolds and Cultists till they eventually hear a battlecry from the front. A declaration of the enemy to “bring their strongest warrior to the front”. Here a Half Dragon named Langdedrosa Cyanwrath battles the towns champion. in a one on one combat. In an awe-inspiring display of power and justice Sir Theldan Manswealth managed to defeat the Half-Dragon in one on one combat.

Barely surviving the night , the sun rises signalling the end of the night and the heroes mourn over their lost companion Vai. They implore the towns healers and Nighthill to try and save him. However the clerics and priests warn them that none of them are adept at doing such a feat and that if they do he might come back… “wrong”. Even so they give up all their rewards in earnest so the Clerics may gather the necessary material for the ritual. Vai is restored in a burst of light but not as the same man. His hair changes colour from Long black to blonde, his eyes from dark black to bright yellow. He stands before them a different but almost the same.

Sir Theldon Manswealth gives up his rewards and gains the title “Sir Theldon Manswealth the Dragon Slayer”

Horde of the Dragon Queen
Horde of the Dragon Queen

The town of Greenest was founded by the halfling Dharva Scatterheart, a rogue who fancied herself the queen of the Greenfields.Scatterheart passed away without ever achieving that level of eminence, but her town grew into a thriving community.Its success isn’t surprising, since Greenest is the only town of any size astride the UldoonTrail,the most direct road between the eastern cities of the Dragon Coast,Cormyr, and Sembia with the Coast Way running south to the great cities of Amn,Tethyr,and far Calimshan.The trade caravans that pass through Greenest bring gold to the town’s merchants and craftsfolk, and Governor Nighthill runs the town at the behest of the inhabitants.

Lost Mines of Phandelver
Episode 1


While attempting to transport supplies from Neverwinter the group were ambushed by goblins.inspection of the area reveals that the creatures have been using this place to stage ambushes for some time. A trail hidden behind thickets on the north side of the road leads northwest. The trail from the goblin ambush site leads to the entrance of a cave.

A tribe of goblins had established a hideout from which it could easily harass and plunder traffic moving along the Triboar Trail or the path to Phandalin. The leader of the bandits lairing here appeared to be an insane bugbear named Klarg,

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